Monday, August 22, 2011

My Local Mortuary Sure Asks A Lot Of Questions!

Recently, a survey from "local" mortuaries was sent to many homes throughout the Bay Area asking some very personal questions.  We did some checking and this is what we found:

The mortuaries that sent out this survey, despite hiding behind a locally recognized name, are huge publically traded companies gathering information for marketing of cemetery property, pre-need funeral plans or other cremation and burial related products.

The information you provide them is used strictly for marketing purposes.  Answering their questions and providing your personal information may subject you to countless other companies marketing other products and services.  Needless to say, you just provided your information to another marketing list and you have no idea who has your personal information or who has access to it.

Due to identity theft, it is not recommended that you provide your personal information to any solicitation that comes in the mail.

When the time comes to make funeral arrangements, call around to different firms.  Ask questions, find out who owns them, the services they provide and prices.  You want to look for the most affordable price because providers of cremation and burial services are highly regulated by state and federal agencies and provide very similar services; a high price does not guarantee a better service - it just guarantees a high price.

For more information or to ask a question, please write to:

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