Friday, November 11, 2011

Buying and Selling Cemetery Property

There are options when it comes to buying and selling (yes, selling) cemetery property. Knowing the options can save or even make you money.
Over the years families purchase cemetery property and then for some reason or another don't use it. Without the help of a Cemetery Broker, many families are stuck with this unneeded, but expensive investment. A Cemetery Broker can help.
Cemeteries are not in the business of buying cemetery property, so a Cemetery Broker can list and sell unused cemetery property, much like a traditional real estate broker. Like a forgotten bank account, this money could provide relief during this very difficult economic time.
When in the market to purchase cemetery property, a Cemetery Broker can save you money, because many of the listings are priced less, in some cases much less, than if buying from the cemetery directly.
The news is even better if you are a US Veteran. Spaces for casket burial and cremated remains are absolutely FREE in any National Cemetery accepting burials. Some of the cemeteries are among the most beautiful around and are offered at no charge to the family.
Remember, working with an affordable funeral service provider and a Cemetery Broker or National Cemetery could make memorialization of a loved one in a cemetery an affordable option.

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