Sunday, December 11, 2011


More often than not, travel insurance proves to be an additional investment on a vacation that does nothing more than put money in the pockets of insurance companies and their salespeople.  Purchasing travel insurance just in case you die while traveling away from home is also a poor investment.

The funeral industry created travel insurance plans as a way to up sales and pay larger commissions.  These plans usually cost between $250 and $500, and, in most cases, half of the policy is immediately paid as a commission to the person writing the contract.  They know that preying on your fears will help them sell products and services you really don't need and will probably never use - a travel insurance plan is one of the most useless of services offered by the funeral industry.

Just like travel insurance, a funeral (or cremation) travel insurance plan has many stipulations that will render it useless in the event death occurs away from home.  These plans are not refundable if they are not used or fail to perform.

It is extremely rare that death will occur while traveling.  When pre-arranging funeral or cremation services make sure the plan can be paid to another service provider, if needed while traveling or in case you move out of the area.

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